Originality and Creativity

We keep challenging to produce the bearings that the competitors are reluctant to and are not able to supply.

Commitment to technology and precision

SMT bearings are used for the rotating shaft of various machinery and equipment, where the sub-micron precision is required. SMT leads the bearing industry with its high technology and flexible product development.

Pioneer of stainless steel ball bearings

In 1976 SMT started mass production of stainless steel ball bearings earlier than the other manufacturers. We made them popular products through the market we built up by prompt delivery system first-ever in bearing industry.

Special bearing expert

Customized bearings with special design, material and grease, etc. are available to meet various requirements.

Flexibility and Mobility

We pride ourselves on our flexibility to respond to small orders and
our mobility to fill difficult requests.

High-mix and low-volume
production system for high precision ball bearings

Manual procedures intentionally left in production processes enable us to manufacture a wide variety of products in small quantity to meet various customer requirements like special materials, dimensions, designs, etc.

Superior adaptability and responsiveness

Quick delivery can be established by prompt decision making and coordination among sales, design, and manufacturing. We are proud of adaptability and responsiveness.