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High temperature

AISI 440C stainless bearing with heat-resistant grease is suitable for heating furnace and drying machine.


Rust preventive

Corrosion-resistant stainless bearing is suitable for washing machine and equipment used outside.


Adjust flexure and misalignment

Bearing with aligning function is suitable for film transport production machine and elongated roller.


Food and chemical machinery

Stainless bearing with H1 grade grease is suitable for food machinery.


Chemicals and solvents

Bearing made of high corrosion-resistent materials is suitable for semi-conductor machine and plating machine.


Water, seawater and steam

Stainless bearing more corrosion-resistant than AISI 440C stainless steel is suitable for equipment for ships and food machinery.


Powder or dust

Bearing with solid grease fully packed the inside space is suitable for the dusty or wet environment.


Easy assembly

Bearing with setscrews is suitable for rollers and conveyors where a large number of bearings should be replaced.


Thin-wall bearings

Thin-wall bearing is suitable for small machine and special device where downsizing is required.


Low starting torque

Bearing with low torque grease and Grease-free bearing is suitable for motors and testing equipment.


All-in-one bearings

Bearing with special specifications downsized with housing is suitable for the applications where less space is allowed.


Special shapes

Bearing with special shape like V or U groove and of wider width or thin-wall types is available for various applications.


Special Materials

The best combination of bearing materials and lubricants is available for various special environments.


Special dimensions

Non-standard dimension and tolerance is availlable.


Special greases

Selection of greases suitable for usage environments is available.


Greases you have

SMT can fill the grease supplied by the customers.


Greases unusable

Grease-free bearing is suitable for vacuum and clean environment where grease vaporization is not allowed and also for the application where low starting torque is required.


Use as guide

Guide wheel bearing is bearing combined with guide roller.


Bearings with snap ring

Bearing with snap ring is usable for through hole, therefore processing of stepped hole is not required.


Discontinued bearings

SMT can offer discontinued bearings as those with special specifications.