By fully packing the inside space of the bearings with solid grease, dust is less likely to enter, resulting in a longer bearing life.
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  1. Solid grease is retained inside the bearing even in wet or humid environments.
  2. Solid grease contains NSF H1-certified food machine grease and FDA-compliant resin.
  3. The operating temperature is from -20℃ to 80℃ / -4℉ to 176℉.

Product Specifications

Standard Specifications
Inner and Outer Rings AISI 440C
Balls AISI 440C
Retainer AISI 304
Shield AISI 304
Seal Nitrile rubber
Lubricant Solid grease


Durability in dusty environments
*The test finished in 400 hours without any problems.
The above performance values are our company test results and are not guaranteed.


Powder equipment , food machinery, cleaning equipment, agitators, textile machinery, papermaking machinery


•A load of at least 5% of the limiting radial load in the dimension chart is required to rotate the balls without slipping.