A very low torque rotation is achieved because grease is not used. Ideal when you want to reduce rotational resistance in an application such as “free spinning rollers”.
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  1. Low torque compared to conventional bearings
  2. By applying a lubricating film to the inside of the bearing, it can be used where oil leakage is not desired.
  3. Low dust generation
  4. The operating temperature is up to 50℃ /122℉ .
  5. Used for light loads

Product Specifications

Standard Specifications
Inner and Outer Rings AISI 440C
Balls AISI 440C
Retainer AISI 304
Shield AISI 304
Lubricant Lubricating film


Measured results at the start of rotation
* The above performance values are our company measurement results and are not guaranteed.


Free spinning rollers, film transfer rollers, clean room rollers, LCD and semiconductor manufacturing equipment


• Do not use in areas exposed to water, steam, chemicals, or oils.
• Do not use this product in a dusty environment as it is more likely to be damaged than regular products if foreign substances enter.