Ball bearings are extremely-precision parts, so it is important to handle them carefully. Improper handling will prevent them from delivering their full performance. For reference, we have summarized some points to look out for.

Do not allow dirt to get inside bearings

Most of the dust and foreign particle in the air has a diameter of 10 micron meters (0.01 mm) or less, but even such an invisible dust can adversely affect the operation of bearings. It is important to keep the bearings and the environment around them clean and be careful not to allow dirt to get inside them.

Be careful to avoid rust

Moisture can easily cause rust on bearings, so be sure to keep them dry. Perspiration and dirt might be a cause of rust, therefore it is very important to keep your hands clean or to wear gloves, when handling ball bearings.

Do not have impact on bearings

Having impact on bearings may give them indentations or scoring, resulting in non-smooth rotation that might lead to noise, vibration or shortened service life, therefore it is necessary to handle them with extra care.

Use appropriate mounting tools and jigs

It is essential to use appropriate tools and jigs to ensure that bearings are mounted safely and securely. It is also important to keep them clean without dirt or dust.