Bearings with special designs are available according to the application, such as V- or U-grooved outer diameter, wide or thin-walled type.
We also cater to customers who want to integrate bearings and peripheral parts.

Dimensional range
Inner diamenter:4mm-250mm | Outer diamenter:12mm-280mm | Width:4mm-75mm
*Depending on the specifications, the range of manufacturable dimensions may change.

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keijyo_tex_c-e Single-Row Double-Row Other
keijyo_l_10e keijyo_l_11e keijyo_l_12e keijyo_l_13e keijyo_l_14e  
th-single-row keijyo_l_1e keijyo_l_15   keijyo_l_21 keijyo_l_27   keijyo_l_25
keijyo_l_2e   keijyo_l_19        
keijyo_l_3e keijyo_l_16         keijyo_l_26
keijyo_l_4e keijyo_l_17   keijyo_l_22      
keijyo_l_5e     keijyo_l_23      
th-double-row keijyo_l_6e       keijyo_l_28 keijyo_l_31  
keijyo_l_7e         keijyo_l_32  
keijyo_l_8e       keijyo_l_29    
keijyo_l_9e       keijyo_l_30    
th-other   keijyo_l_18   keijyo_l_24