The selection of grease and clearance is a key factor in demonstrating the features of the bearing. SMT will respond to requests and changes in grease filling and clearances according to the operating environment with short delivery times and small lots from as little as one unit.


◎We meet these needs

  • Grease for food machines compatible with H1 grade (compatible with HACCP).
  • Grease suitable for use in hot and cold environments.
  • Low-dust generation grease suitable for use in clean rooms.
  • Water-resistant grease.
  • Grease suitable for use in a vacuum environment.
  • Filling the grease you have.
  • Grease for a low torque to reduce the starting torque.
  • ◎Examples of greases

    * The product characteristic values above are the grease manufacturer catalog values.
     Please note that the specifications are subject to change without notice.

    A variety of greases are available in addition to those listed.
    You can also supply us your specific grease.


    ◎We meet these needs

  • Proper clearance for eliminating thermal expansion caused by a
    high temperature environment.
  • Proper clearance for reducing vibration during high-speed rotation.
  • Non-standard clearance.
  • ◎Examples of clearance

    Applications Clearance
    Hot environment C3, C4, C5
    High-speed rotation C2, CM