Selection of grease and clearance is an important factor to bring out the performance of the bearing. SMT can make the bearings with special grease and internal clearance compliant to the use conditions upon request with short delivery and in small lot size.
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◎Various greases for various needs

  • Food grade grease compliant to H1 grade
  • Low emission greases for clean room
  • Greases for use in vacuum environment
  • Low torque greases for low starting torque
  • Greases for use in extreme temperature
  • Greases in your hand
  • Greases for use in watery environment
  • ◎Examples of greases

    Specialgrease-hyo2020-e*The above information is subject to change without prior notice.

    Other greases are also available.
    Greases that we do not have in stock can be filled if supplied.


    ◎For various needs

  • Proper clearance under high temperature
  • Proper clearance for reducing vibration of bearings in high rotation
  • Non-standard clearance
  • ◎Examples of clearance

    Applications Clearance
    High temperature C3, C4, C5
    High rotation C2, CM