“Rustproof and Human-friendly” Pure titanium bearings for various special environments
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  1. Corrosion resistance usable in severer corrosive environment than AISI 304 stainless bearing, by using high corrosion resistant pure titanium class 2 for outer and inner rings
  2. Human-friendly without allergen reactions, as usable as in artificial joints.
  3. Non-magnetic bearing made of pure titanium rings and ceramic balls. By using ceramic balls allow insulation as well.
  4. Usable in low temperature environment by good low temperature toughness.
  5. Lower specific gravity: pure titanium 4.5 < SAE52100 7.8

Product Specifications

Standard Specifications
Inner and Outer Rings Pure Titanium Class 2
Balls Silicon Nitride Ceramic(Si3N4
Retainer Fluorine Resin


●Metal plating machine, seawater-related equipment, plating machine, electronic device, equipment used in low temperature, etching equipment, developing machine, medical equipment.

Sizes Available

Please contact SMT for the available sizes.

Corrosion Resistance

*○ not effected △ slightly effected × effected ー no data *The above chart is for reference only.


*1 AISI304 may be magnetized depending on manufacturing process.