Catalog Data(pdf) download of SMT products

SS series AISI440C Stainless Bearings
6S series AISI304 Stainless Bearings
4S series AISI630 Stainless Bearings
1T series Pure Titanium Bearings
2C series Ceramic Bearings
Heat-resistant Stainless Bearings / Heat-resistant Hybrid Bearings
TC series Grease-Free Bearings
SSXC series Stainless Bearings with Set screw
SH series Stainless Bearings with Aligning Ring
SF series AISI440C Flanged Bearing Units
GW series Guide Wheel Bearings
6800 and 6900 series Thin-Wall Bearings
SS5200・5200 series Double Row Angular Contact Bearings
5800 series Double Row Angular Contact Bearings
Customizing (Special Ball Bearings)
Customizing (Selection of grease)